Meet Krista

Sexuality Educator and Ethical Non-Monogamy Coach

Krista (She/Her/They/Them) brings a feminist, disabled, queer, kink, non-monogamous, relationship anarchist, and all around shameless perspective to her education and coaching. She is in the process of acquiring her Masters in Education in Human Sexuality as well as a Masters in Clinical Social Work, is a certified facilitator for the Our Whole Lives Comprehensive Sexuality curriculum for grades 7-12, and is a certified instructional designer. She has done extensive community work since 2013 with her local LGBTQ2IA+ and polyamorous communities and, with a passion for disability inclusivity, has gained valuable experience in unconventional lifestyles and sexualities. This knowledge has helped define her role as non-monogamy coach, sex educator, and consent advocate throughout the country. She teaches through AmourologyEd: a podcast, video series, and online forum; travels and does in person workshops; and offers remote and in person coaching. Her goal is to inspire sexual and emotional wholeness through practical and compassionate training.

We must never be afraid to be a sign of contradiction for the world.

Mother Teresa