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I help people smoothly transition to ethical, authentic, and stable non-monogamous relationships based on honest, effective, and fear-free communication.

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Does This Sound Like You?
  • Do you find it difficult to find compatible non-monogamous partners?
  • Do you see other people building the types of relationship(s) you want but have no idea how they are doing it?
  • Do you feel isolated and judged by family, friends, or online forums?
  • Do you feel like you are not a priority in your relationship(s) or struggle to make your partner(s) feel valued?
  • Do jealousies, insecurities, and fear cause you to have the same conversations over and over with no clear results?
  • Does non-monogamy sound great, but the actual practice is turning out to be more challenging than you expected?
  • Do you have a good thing going but want to avoid mistakes that could lead to future catastrophe?
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Relationships affect every aspect of our lives. When our love life is not fulfilling, it threatens the happiness and stability of every other aspect of life from finance, to health, to spirituality. But relationships are an acquired skill and no one grows up knowing how to do non-monogamy; it takes practice and guidance. Coaching allows for a clear path foward while avoiding common mistakes that often result in failure. 

First we will focus on CLARIFYING your core values and learning how these can help you determine your ideal relationship(s). We will examine where you are now and where you want to be, and form an individualized path to define and achieve your goals.

You can't communicate if you don't know what to communicate. So next we will focus on self REFLECTION to examine both conscious and unconscious biases and overcome societal programming. We will study your insecurities and fears and develop healthy relationships with them. We will dig deep to find your authentic truth and celebrate the honesty and vulnerability that emerges.

Then we will fine tune your active listening skills and DEVELOP the tools you need for honest and effective communication. We will examine your communication and conflict styles, develop language, and create a solid foundation so that you feel confident expressing your desires and boundaries without shame, fear, or judgement.

Last we will examine what you need to sustain THRIVING connections and work toward your long term goals. We will revisit your expectations, build new habits, and create living agreements so that you can discover new things about yourself and your partner(s) and cultivate stable, healthy relationships that align with your values (even as you grow). 

It Is Possible!

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Hello, my name is Krista (She/Them). Some labels (if we want to use lables) that resonate with me are, but are not limited to: polyamorous, non-monogamous, relationship anarchist, queer, demisexual, and pansexual. 

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Despite the challenges that came with transitioning from a monogamous mindset to a polyamorous one, when I finally made that decision I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I began to look over my life and suddenly a lot made sense. I had non-monogamous tendencies all along, I just thought I was the only one or didn't know how to do that ethically.

The ease  with which I adopted the lifestyle quickly rose me to a leadership position within my local community and I learned a lot about different struggles and how to give advice (and how not to give advice).  I became someone people could rely on for feedback and guidance. 

My first relationship, after 2-3 years, ended in flames when we learned that he had been having unprotected sex with dozens of people and lying about it. Looking back I can see how toxic and abusive that relationship actually was. It taught me a lot of really valuable lessons about abuse, secrecy, and trust. It also taught me a lot about my ideal relationship structure and how to go about seeking and asking for what I want and need.​

This traumatic event affected every aspect of my life and I began examining the advice I had been given (and was giving) and found a lot of flaws. So, I set about changing the community. This was not easy mind you but I found solace in the people who confided in me their own stories of abuse and isolation. 

I began teaching consent and bystander intervention workshops. This lead to me teaching about non-monogamy in general. Pretty soon I found myself traveling for and speaking at conventions all across the country.

Somewhere along the way I successfully cultivated my ideal family. We decided to move in together and I couldn't be more thrilled with the result. At the time, we were doing something that no one had ever done before (as far as we knew). We were blazing our own trail and we made a lot of mistakes and learned some really valuable lessons. 

I truly believe that much of the heartache I endured is avoidable with the right guidance. It breaks my heart to see so many people making the same mistakes over and over. I want to be able to share the lessons I have learned with everyone so they don't have to experience the same pain and frustration. 

Effective, inclusive, and judgement free information is really difficult to come by but I am confident that, together, we can achieve your goals in creating healthy, ethical, and stable connections without sacrificing your authenticity.

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Krista is extremely easy to talk to and excellent at teasing out relevant points.

                                                - Heather G, Salt Lake City